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TEAM IMPOSSIBLE is about people who never believed in this word. They took it upon themselves to push boundaries beyond what everybody believed to be doable, to overcome their own limits and to draw their lives in a way no one would have believed possible

Our initiative is about EXTREME, NEVER GIVE UP, IMPOSSIBLE itself, but most of all it is about inspiring others to challenge these words too, in order to achieve something better, or even unique, for themselves and, in their turn, to inspire others. We believe we can roll the snowball and, why not, even create an avalanche of positivism and hope, of attainable impossible deeds.

If you believe in change and challenges, the power of the mind and a healthy life, as much as we do, please join us, join TEAM IMPOSSIBLE!

By sponsoring us, you’ll be a significant part of our initiative and visible every time we go out achieving the unattainable. You can help us change people’s lives for the better.

Our sponsorship plans are flexible and adjusted for all possibilities (pun intended).